It seems that bottled water can be added to the list of conveniences that people do not want taken away from them.

The latest example of this debate occurred in Concord, MA. You can read the full article here.

To sum up, there was a vote to ban the sale of single-serving bottles of water. It was close, but the ban failed.

This is not at all surprising. Not only is drinking bottled water not viewed as a luxury, it has become a very recognizable and seemingly necessary way of life for many people.

Along with bottled water, you can add smartphones and a plethora of many other gadgets to this list of an ever expanding group of things that people don’t really need.

Are they really making our live’s better? That’s debatable. What’s not debatable is the unspoken price of this stuff. Not everyone is aware or comfortable talking about the environmental costs of these things. This is the true cost, not the price that you paid.

As with anything else, the choice is ours.

The most important vote we can make is with our dollars. Choose to make environmentally sustainable purchases whenever possible.