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A lack of funding to drinking water monitoring systems for the St. Clair and Detroit rivers could affect the water supplied to about 3 million people.

In a recent article from, systems that are used to frequently monitor water quality in the Detroit area have been operating on a budget much less than required. These systems look for chemicals and oil related products at 13 different intakes. At a reduced operational level, the system cannot be used as frequently per day. This is definitely a concern, as contaminants need to be discovered well before they make it to a treatment plant.
water monitoring system
It costs 1 million dollars to have the system fully operational. There is currently only $210,000 being devoted to it as of this article. A recent spill that was detected this past July 15th shows that there is definitely a need for this monitoring system. There have also been 8 children that have been diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer known as Wilms’ Tumor since 2007. While there is no proof that this disease is directly linked to water pollution, it is a likely cause.

Michigan has definitely been one of the states hardest hit by the recession. Local politicians must have been, and continue to be under extreme pressure in deciding which programs must be reduced or cut because of a lack of state funding. However, basic public access to clean drinking water must be somewhere towards the top of the list. The money might be hard to find now, but it’s out there. Wealthy business owners and other high profile politicians can certainly find the means of protecting the health of people who have made them rich.

We’re not talking about some miscellaneous state-sponsored recreational program. This is about the basic human right to clean drinking water, and yet there’s a price tag on it. Water monitoring systems should be protected at all costs. Ideally, money should not be an issue, it should just be taken care of. I know, that’s not the world we live in. The dollar always has the last word. Hopefully those in power will begin to realize that some things in life deserve to be looked at from a less capitalistic viewpoint.

It appears that the city of Newport, Rhode Island, is yet another on the list of cities that have been neglecting their environmental responsibilities.

In a recent article from the Providence Journal, four good Samaritans dubbed “the sewer rats” have succeeded in preventing the city from continuing to dump sewage into the Narragansett Bay. The ensuing lawsuit is a culmination of years of persistence on behalf of “the sewer rats” as well as other concerned citizens.
sewage warning
If successful, the lawsuit will call for a seven year plan to overhaul the city’s wastewater management system to the tune of 25 million dollars. While the citizen watchdogs, or rats in this case, claim that the city has never lived up to its word, arguments from the other side say differently. City Manager Edward Lavallee claims that he had been working with consultants for years to help solve the city’s sewage overflow problem. He states that approximately 30 million dollars have been spent in recent years to address the issue. He also mentioned that the city (like every other one in the country) is experiencing major financial difficulties and this extra burden makes things even more challenging.

The lawsuit was initiated with some help from the EPA. This is noteworthy, as this government agency has been the focus of much scrutiny in recent weeks. I contend that their decisions may seem controversial and rash to some, yet extremely necessary to preserve our environment that so many take for granted. The agency is vital in helping to prevent more water pollution issues such as this one.

I personally think that this story may not seem so clear cut. I’d like to believe that the people elected or assigned to do an important job that can affect thousands of people would try to do the best that they could. I realize that the preceding statement was a very idealistic one. However, I’d like to believe that the city officials had the best intentions to deal with their sewage problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can easily argue that if the problem became so large as to grow into something that they couldn’t handle, that they would seek additional help. On the other hand, most people that have “jobs” both large and small, tend to do just enough to not get fired.

Obviously, it is hard to get the whole story here. One thing that I do know and believe in is the power of citizen action. This story is a great example of that. Ultimately, the power lies with the people, if they so choose to use their collective voices. This is definitely one of the great and defining characteristics of our nation. Hopefully word about stories like this one will spread and incite more people to take positive action to create a better world.

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Aquasana's awesome August sale
There are plenty of things that come to mind when I think about the company’s whole house filtration system. I personally do not own one, but I think it would make things much simpler in terms of getting all of the clean water that I need. Instead of buying a drinking water filter and a shower filter, a whole house one would be all you need. There are also those who unfortunately live in areas where the water quality is poor at best. It would not be unheard of for someone in that situation to want to have an EQ-300 as an initial filter in addition to using an Aquasana countertop or under sink water filter as a final filter. This double filtration set up might be unnecessary, but it might be difficult to convince someone of that who has to deal with really bad water.

What’s notable about this water filter is that its three stage system removes 99% of chlorine, in addition to many other contaminants commonly found in city water. The company spared no expenses to make a heavy-duty filtration system that can deliver plenty of clean water to households of any size. You’ll be able to enjoy plenty of clean water for less than 50 cents per day.
aquasana eq-300
I think that it’s too bad that there must be some people that might consider this system to be too expensive. Many of these individuals probably spend the equivalent of the cost of this whole house filter in bottled water expenses in less than a year. So instead of buying bottled water for a year, they could use that money to buy Aquasana’s whole house filter and have all of the water they need for three years. Replacement cartridges are not typically needed for this system until the end of the third year. This could potentially add up to hundreds of dollars in savings over bottled water.

There’s only one minor catch with this system. It typically requires, and is strongly recommended that a professional be called to install the system. Yet again, this extra cost will definitely be off set by the savings that you would see compared with purchasing bottled water. You’ll also gain some peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part by not contributing to the massive amounts of water bottles that end up in land fills.

So, that’s about it. As always, thanks for reading and do yourself and the planet a favor by considering Aquasana’s whole house filter for your home. It’s a pretty easy decision to make, as far as I’m concerned.

American cities’ drinking water supplies are becoming inundated with increasing concentrations of synthetic water pollutants.

Recent water tests in Chicago are showing traces of pharmaceuticals, flame retardants, herbicides, and personal care products, to name a few. These pollutants easily pass through the city’s water treatment plants. The city of Chicago, like any other U.S. city, is responsible for letting the public know about the quality of drinking water that it pumps to its residents. However, as of this blog post, cities do not have to report levels of pharmaceuticals or some other unregulated substances.
polluted water
While there is no official scientific report about the long term effects of consuming the average city’s polluted drinking water, you can be sure that it will not be good. Sure, municipal drinking water is generally safe, but is it good enough for someone that wants to achieve optimal health? The clear answer is no, of course.

Unfortunately, the EPA does not have enough evidence that pharmaceuticals and other synthetic substances in drinking water can have adverse health effects on those that drink the polluted water. Without proof the agency can’t justify spending millions of dollars to upgrade cities’ water treatment plants.

I personally think this is a shame. The fact is that everything that is ingested has either a positive or a negative effect on health. The quality of water consumed is definitely no exception to the rule. It’s actually one of the most important health decisions you can make. The more pollutants that your body has to filter out of the water that you drink, the sooner you could get sick.

This is where home water filters really make sense. It’s pretty simple, you either use a filter or you become a filter. While the government and many organizations do much to provide for general public health and safety, there are some things that apparently need to be taken care of ourselves.