Making sure you choose the right kind of water filter is something worth some serious consideration. Activated charcoal water filters really are the best solution for your drinking water needs. It really is no surprise that makes filters that use this filtration system. Let’s consider some of the benefits of this type of water filtration.
activated charcoal water filter

Exceptional Filtering Capabilities

Charcoal is a substance that is naturally very porous. The end process of making charcoal even more porous by treating it with oxygen is called activated charcoal. It is then extremely efficient at filtering impurities that are carbon-based.

It does this through chemical attraction. Many different types of carbon-based contaminants are then trapped by the activated charcoal as they pass through the filter. Most importantly, these filters are good at eliminating a high percentage of chlorine from your tap water as well.

Allows Natural Minerals To Pass

As good as these filters are at getting rid of impurities, they also allow naturally occurring minerals in your drinking water to pass through the filter. This is extremely important for maintaining good health. Many of these minerals may be difficult to replace with food if you do not get them from your water source.

Reverse Osmosis water filters, on the other hand, get rid of both the bad and the good. Not only do they remove harmful contaminants, but they also get rid of minerals that your body needs. Another drawback to reverse osmosis filtration is that they waste a good deal of water in their water filtration process.

After briefly considering the features of activated charcoal water filters, it’s easy to see why many filtration companies have chosen this method to base their products on. You may have already decided that this type of filtration is what you are looking for, but are still unsure who makes the best water filter. If you were to do some research on Aquasana, you will find that they are a top choice for charcoal water filters.