The Aquasana AQ-4600 is an exceptional under counter water filter system. This system is perfect for those looking to save additional space near their kitchen sink. It is not quite as luxurious as the Aquasana AQ-4601 but it serves the same basic function as a space saver.

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aquasana AQ-4600

Filter Overview

The AQ-4600 is perfect if you are looking for an under sink water filter that is not quite as pricey as the AQ-4601. You will obviously benefit from the same great filtration technology. The major difference between these two models is in the different finishes on the water spouts. The AQ-4600 only comes with one option, but it is sure to complement most any kitchen’s decor.

Installation is fairly easy to accomplish even if you are not too handy. Most will be able to accomplish setting this filter up without additional assistance. For a more detailed summary about this process, please see my AQ-4601 page.

Advantages Over The AQ-4000

The obvious difference that you can benefit from in choosing the AQ-4600 over the AQ-4000 is saving some counter space. For many, it is not actually about having this additional space on their kitchen sink, but in how the aesthetics are much improved. Instead of looking at the cartridge container, all that you will see is the filter spout. This can be considered a very notable difference for those that appreciate a much tidier kitchen sink area. If you prefer to have things tucked away to produce a much cleaner look, this filter is the one for you. The extra cost compared to the counter top water filter will be well worth it.

The Aquasana Difference – High Performance Filtration

The company has spared no expense in developing the most effective and natural filtration technology possible. The word natural is key here because it is actually possible to produce water that is too pure. Your body requires the natural minerals that are found in good water to maintain optimum health.

Aquasana’s twin cartridge filtration system is representative of cutting-edge water filtration technology. Your tap water is put under a good deal of pressure while it passes over a large amount of filtration material. This enables the filters to remove many times the contaminants that a typical pitcher water filter can. This filtration technology can remove a high percentage of more than 50 known unique contaminants from your tap water. This is something that very few other filtration brands can come even close to matching. aquasana 90 day satisfaction guarantee

Warranty And Praise

As with all Aquasana Products, this filter comes with a full one year warranty. This also includes a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. This further supports the fact that the company has full faith in the exceptional quality of their filters.

The company has received high praise for their filters over the years. The New York Times recently recommended the company as part of the process in detoxifying your home in one of their articles. The company has also been mentioned as a “Best Buy” by Consumer Magazine.


To sum up, the Aquasana AQ-4600 is perfect if you would like to experience the advantages of an under sink water filter without the additional cost of the more expensive finishes on the premium under sink system. Having owned both counter top and under sink systems from Aquasana, I can tell you that I did appreciate the benefits of their under sink systems. Having the cartridge housings tucked away under your sink really helps to keep things clear around your sink area. If you are in the market for a great home water filter, you can’t go wrong with this distinguished system.