The Aquasana AQ-4601 under sink water filter is perfect for those who are looking to save some extra sink space. This is an ideal filter where space is limited or when a less cluttered look is desired. As with all of Aquasana’s filters, this unit uses their award-winning filtration system. Read more to learn about the added bonus of using this unique set-up.

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aquasana AQ-4601

Filter Overview

The AQ-4601 uses the same exceptional filtration technology as the Aquasana AQ-4000 and the Aquasana AQ-4600. It comes with the same dual-filtration housing unit. The product specifications on the housing unit as well as the filtration capabilities are the same.

What separates this system from the AQ-4600 under sink water filter are the finishes on the faucets. Please see the section near the bottom of the page to see what choices you will have with the AQ-4601.


The installation of Aquasana’s under sink unit is a bit more involved than their counter top filter. However, I was able to install the unit without assistance and I’m no “handyman”. The only exception might be if your sink does not currently have an existing hole for a sprayer nozzle or other accessory. In this case, you’ll have to drill a 7/8″ hole in the sink or counter top.
aquasana aq-4601 parts

The unit comes with easy to follow installation instructions. It shouldn’t take much more than half an hour to get the job done. You’ll first want to mount the housing unit under your sink. Make sure that the tubing that is connected to the faucet is as straight as possible between the hole for the faucet and the housing unit.

Next, turn off the cold water supply valve under the sink. You’ll then attach the “T” fitting. It’s possible that your cold water supply line is not standard, in which case you’ll need to purchase a “T” adapter from your local hardware store.

The next step is to connect the hoses like it’s shown in the diagram below. Then turn the cold water supply line on. Check for leaks. If there are some, just make sure that all of the connections are secure.

aquasana aq-4601 housing unit
Finally, press the faucet handle down and let the water run until all the cloudiness and air bubbles are gone.


There are multiple advantages of this filter over Aquasana’s counter top filter.

The most obvious one is that there is extra room on your sink. This can really be appreciated in a kitchen where there is already limited space.

Another great advantage of the AQ-4601 is that it gives your sink area a much nicer look. It’s nice not having to look at a somewhat bulky filter housing in an already crowded sink space.

My favorite feature of this unit is the fact that it is directly connected to the cold water supply line. With the counter top filter, it is possible to accidentally run warm water through the filter which is obviously not a good thing to be doing.

Three Different Options

aquasana aq-4601 bronzeaquasana aq-4601 brushed nickelaquasana aq-4601 chrome
The AQ-4601 allows you to choose from three different finishes. You can choose among oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, or chrome. One of these fine options are bound to fit in with the specific decor of your kitchen.


Aquasana’s AQ-4601 filter is the ideal system for those who want a nicer looking filtration system. While the AQ-4600 system is perfect for many, it may not be for everyone. For those who appreciate a more distinguished finish on their filter’s faucet, this is the perfect choice.