The best countertop water filter is none other than Aquasanas AQ-4000. The Aquasana countertop water filter has consistently proven to provide a high level of filtering for a very reasonable cost. You will also appreciate how easy the filter is to install.

Here is a closer look into the exceptional value that this countertop filter represents.

High Quality

best countertop water filter
Aquasana water filters produce water that greatly exceeds industry standards for safe drinking water. It should go without saying that there are no safe levels of contaminants for the water that we drink. This is why the company has strived to develop a filtration system that eliminates the highest amount of impurities possible. At the same time, the filters allow trace minerals to pass through as they are important nutrients. Please visit the Water Contaminants page for more information about the specific things that are filtered.

What you will get from this high level of filtering is water that is not only safe and healthy, but it will also taste great.


This great tasting water also comes at a very low price. For less than 10 cents per gallon, you can have an almost unlimited supply of water right from the comfort of your home. This cost is factored into the replacement filters that need to be replaced twice per year. There really is no cost comparison among your choices for filtered water. You can pay more than a dollar per gallon at the store or pay less than 10 cents at home. Also, you will know for sure that your water is clean because you are filtering it right at the source.


In addition to enjoying the convenience of having filtered water at home, Aquasanas countertop water filter is also very easy to install. It only takes a few minutes and does not require any special tools. The instruction manual is hardly needed, yet clearly details the steps in the installation.

Online Discounts

Even though the companys products start off competitively priced, they also offer additional discounts to ensure that they represent the best value in home water filtration systems. Check out the aquasana coupon page for more information about this great discount and how to take advantage of it.

If you are looking for an easy solution to your home water filtering needs, you will find that the best countertop water filter is Aquasana.