An Aquasana coupon will save you 20% on their very popular home water filters. Just go to The link just shown is specially formatted to take you to their discount site. If you were to just go directly to, you would not see your highlighted savings of 20%. Just in case you need a little reminder of why you have chosen Aquasana water filters, read further to discover the many reasons that make this company a source of great value…

aquasana coupon

Aquasana Discount Amounts By Filter Type

The company sells a variety of water filtration products, so your discounts will vary by filter type. Another good recent change is that you no longer need to remember a specific coupon code to get your 20% savings. Just click on a link on this site and you will see your savings right on the company’s main website. You are just one click away from some significant savings on this high quality water filter. Check out how much you can save (the following savings are the usual 20% off. Current promotions may save you more)…

    aquasana countertop water filter
  • Countertop Water Filter – Model#AQ-4000
    Retail Price – $124.99 – Your Price – $99.99. This can be considered Aquasana’s flagship filter. While the company has quite a few different filters to choose from, this is definitely a basic, yet excellent choice as a starter filter. It’s also a very popular choice for those looking for a very quick install. A little extra available counter space makes getting this countertop unit an easy decision. The coupon savings of $25 makes it even easier.

  • aquasana under sink water filter

  • Under Sink Water Filter – Model#AQ-4600
    Retail Price – $186.99 – Your Price – $149.59. This is Aquasana’s basic under sink water filter. It comes in a very nice chrome finished filter spout. Those who require extra counter space near their sink will really appreciate this primary feature that the AQ-4600 provides. A perfect choice if you would like to save some money compared to the AQ-4601. A $30 savings is considerable here.

  • aquasana under counter water filter

  • Premium Under Counter Water Filter – Model#AQ-4601
    Retail Price – $249.99 – Your Price – $199.99. For those with a taste for a more luxurious Aquasana water filter, their premium under counter unit is the one to choose. This filter will match up nicely with a well furnished and more top-of-the-line type of kitchen. A nice addition to this system is that you get the choice of 3 different finishes for the filter spout. It should go without saying that this is the company’s high end drinking water filter. Enjoy a savings of $40 with this distinguished unit.
  • best shower water filter

  • Shower Water Filter – Model#AQ-4100
    Retail Price – $84.99 – Your Price – $67.99. Aquasana’s shower water filter has quickly become their best selling filtration system. This is no surprise as word is getting out about how important it is to shower in clean water. The fact is that the skin is the body’s largest organ and it can easily absorb toxins that it is exposed to. The main culprit is chlorine. The company’s shower filter does an excellent job at removing a high percentage of chlorine that is found in shower water. These filters are already reasonably priced under one hundred dollars. With a coupon you can save $17 on this very beneficial filter.
  • aquasana shower filter with handheld wand

  • Shower Filter With Handheld Wand – Model#AQ-4105
    Retail Price – $104.95 – Your Price – $83.96. If you ask me, a proper shower head must be removable and attached to a five foot long extension. This is exactly what you get with the AQ-4105. This makes for a much more convenient and quicker shower. Of course, nothing is different with this shower unit in regards to filtration capabilities. You’ll still benefit from a much healthier showering experience mostly void of chlorine and other contaminants. A savings of $21 is definitely nothing easily ignored as well.
  • aquasana eq-300

  • Rhino Whole House Water Filter – Model#EQ-300
    Retail Price – $1,099.00 – Your Price – $769.30. Aquasana’s EQ-300 whole house filter is a powerhouse of a filtration system. This system can easily filter all of the incoming water to any residential type home. You’ll be able to enjoy all of the best drinking water, water for showering, and water for any purpose that you might need. Filters on this system are built to last a good three years without needing replacement. This system is perfect for those that require clean water for many different household needs. At more than$200, this system is where your savings really start to add up.
  • best inline water filter

  • Deluxe Inline Water Filter – Model#AQ-7000
    Retail Price – $59.99 – Your Price – $47.99. This filter is designed for RV’s, water fountains, and ice makers. This can be a very convenient filtration system to have at home when you are looking to save a step making ice cubes. If you’re on the go, this is a must for any Recreational Vehicle. You’ll be able to enjoy the same high quality filtration system that Aquasana uses in their other filters. The 20% savings in this case add up to a respectable $12.

The company also has quite a few different water filter combo packs in which you can buy various combinations of their different drinking water filters and shower filters together.

Best Value

Aquasana has been given the “Best Buy” award by Consumer’s Digest six years in a row! This represents consistent performance under a high level of scrutiny. The company knows that it is not enough to make filters that produce a high level of water filtering, it also must be very cost effective for their customers. Combining great quality with low cost has been a winning combination for the company. In fact, they have won even more awards since the first ones with Consumer’s Digest. This further supports their leadership within the industry.

How Is This Discount Possible?

Many customers are curious as to how the company can afford to offer a great discount in addition to their already low prices. The main reason for this is that they are a factory direct manufacturer. This essentially cuts out the middle man. The company simply passes these savings on to their customers by not having to increase their prices due to middle man expenses.

Free Shipping

On top of their already low prices and an additional 20% off, Aquasana also offers free shipping on their water filter products. This extra way to save on their filters is rather significant. Anyone who does a decent amount of product ordering online is aware of how quickly large shipping costs can add up. This extra expense can deter people from buying quite a few things on the internet. Companies like Aquasana realize the importance of going out of their way to keep costs as low as possible for their customers. After all, something as important to good health as a home water filter should be made as easily affordable as possible.

Water For Life Program

The company allows you to save even more money when you sign up for their Water For Life program. This program will give you a discount on your replacement filters by agreeing to have the company automatically send you the filters every six months. Another great feature of this service besides the additional savings, is the convenience of not having to remember when to order your new filters. It’s basically automatic savings and automatic filters right when you need them.

Extra Seasonal Discount Coupons

Aquasana also offers discount coupons above the standard 20% off from time to time. These seasonal savings are a great reason to check back to this site to see if the company is offering a special promotion. It seems like there’s always a new sale to take advantage of. You can be sure that if there is no current special promotion, there will be one soon. As always, this site will be updated to reflect the current maximum Aquasana coupon discount that’s available.

Your discounts are waiting for you. There’s no Aquasana coupon code that you need to write down or remember, just go to right now to get an exceptional water filter at a great price.