Update – Aquasana does not currently offer arsenic filters.

It’s no wonder that Aquasana is considered the best water filter company in the industry. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their filters.

The latest major development is their arsenic filter replacement cartridges. Pentavalent arsenic is becoming a considerable threat to many cities’ water supplies. This toxin has been linked to reproductive problems and cancer.

Anyone who is seriously concerned with disease and illness prevention is of the mind to do all that is necessary. It is definitely comforting to know that there are companies like Aquasana that are helping assist people with their efforts to stay healthy. As our world seems to become more and more toxic, it is obviously vital to keep up with newer technologies that help us avoid these toxins. This is especially true with poisons like arsenic which are becoming more prevalent.
arsenic map
A quick glance at the map to the right will show that most of the country’s water supplies have potentially dangerous levels of arsenic. Twenty-five percent of the groundwater samples in most cities contain at least one microgram of arsenic per liter. Now a microgram might sound like a very small amount, but when the subject is health, no amount of poison is safe.

In addition to the many contaminants and toxins that Aquasana filters are already known to filter out, their arsenic cartridges remove approximately 99% of pentavalent arsenic. A perfect 100% filtration is always the goal. Future advancements in filtration technologies may yet make this possible. The following bullet points will highlight the benefits of this new replacement filter –
aquasana arsenic replacement cartridges

  • Filters 99% of pentavalent arsenic
  • Fits the company’s current drinking water filter housings
  • Also helps eliminate lead, chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and herbicides
  • Lasts for 3 months or 250 gallons
  • This filter is also available on the company’s Water For Life program

If you have yet to protect your health and your family’s with a home water filter, now is a great time to start. Good health is definitely not something to take for granted. Being proactive is the key, so choosing a proactive company like Aquasana just makes it that much easier.

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