The purpose of this Aquasana water filter review is to accurately summarize the main features of the filters that the company sells and to compare these features with the other top brands.

It may seem difficult to determine which home water filter represents the best value considering all of the products that are available. Your research can become even more challenging if you are attempting to read as many reviews as possible. Many of these reviews can make things worse, as they do not all present the information you are looking for in an easy to analyze format. To help with your analysis, a chart is provided below which will make it easier to compare multiple top brands all at once.

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The data that is displayed in the chart is from certified claims. These claims have been documented by various agencies that help regulate home water filtration systems. A notable organization that helps regulate many filter companies is the National Sanitation Foundation.

Water filters can be compared using a number of different factors. The chart used here will display a comparison based on; unit retail price, replacement cartridge cost, cost per gallon, contaminants removed, and total cost per year or per 1000 gallons.

Take a few minutes to compare the categories in each column. It won’t take too long to analyze this information and find the water filter company that represents the best value among all of the top brands showcased below.

Water Filter Comparison Chart

Aquasana Aqua-Pure Culligan eSpring Everpure GE Kenmore
Model Number AQ-4000 DWS1000 SY-2300 100188 H-54 SmartWater GXSV10C Deluxe 38465
Retail Price $124.99 $349.95 $159.99 $577.20 $359.99 $139.99 $149.99
Replacement Cartridge Cost & Capacity $48.00/500 Gal. $79.99/625 Gal. $50.39/500 Gal. $173.30/1320 Gal. $100.99/750 Gal. $60.00/540 Gal. $49.00/500 Gal.
Per Gallon “Cost Of Use” 9.6¢ Per Gal. 13¢ Per Gal. 10¢ Per Gal. 13.1¢ Per Gal. 13.5¢ Per Gal. 11¢ Per Gal. 9.8¢ Per Gal.
Removes Chlorine YES  99% YES 97% YES >97% YES >98% YES >87% YES >97% YES >99%
Removes Lead YES >99% YES 95% YES 95% YES 99% YES 98% YES 98% YES 92%
Removes Cysts YES >99.99% YES >99% YES 99% YES >99% YES >99% YES >99% NO
Removes THMs YES >99% YES 92% YES 95% YES >99% NO YES 95% YES 99%
Removes VOCs YES >99% YES 92% YES 95% YES >99% NO YES 99% YES 95%
Removes Alachlor YES >98% YES 98% YES 98% YES 99% NO YES 98% YES 95%
Removes Altrazine YES >97% YES 97% YES 97% YES >88% NO YES 97% YES 97%
Removes Benzene YES >99% YES >99% YES 99% YES >96% NO YES 99% YES 83%
Removes Lindane YES >99% YES >99% YES 99% YES >99% NO YES 99% YES 99%
Removes TCE YES >99% YES >99% YES 99% YES >96% NO YES 99% YES 98%
Removes MTBE YES >93% NO YES 90% YES >96% NO NO NO
Total Cost For 1 Year 1000 gallons $172.99 $349.95 $210.38 $750.50 $229.90 $199.99 198.99

After a quick review of this chart, it is easy to see which brand is of higher value than the rest.

To sum up, Aquasana water filters offer the highest level of water filtration for the lowest cost compared to other top brands.

My personal experience with their filters has been great. I’ve used both their counter top and under sink water filters. Both were easy to install. Replacing the filter cartridges is also very easy and only takes a few minutes. The filtered water has always tasted great, which is no surprise as the filters also make sure to leave in natural essential minerals.

So if you are looking for the best water filter, rest assured that Aquasana is the one to go with. You can also save 20% by visiting my Aquasana Coupon page.