You might not yet be convinced that an Aquasana water filter is the right choice for you. However, you will find a very convincing argument for picking Aquasana has won numerous industry awards and has been a trusted source of great water filters. Read more to discover what many happy customers already know.
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Countertop Water Filter

It’s easy to assume that most people looking for a filter for their kitchen’s faucet tap want something simple and effective. Aquasana’s countertop filter is a perfect solution. The filter comes with everything you need for a fast and easy installation. No special tools are required and it can be ready for use in just minutes. This filter uses the same award winning filtration system as the company’s other products, so you know you will be getting the highest quality water possible.

Under Sink Water Filters

Aquasana also offers quite a selection of under sink water filtration systems. There can be quite a few reasons why someone would prefer this type of filtration system. Counter space near your sink could be quite limited. Another popular reason for choosing this option is to go for a nicer look on your kitchen sink. There are four unique versions to choose from, so you are bound to find one that fits in perfectly with your kitchen’s decor. Installation is a bit more involved than the counter top system, but can easily be done without a plumber. As with all of Aquasana’s filters, you can rest assured that these systems use the same great filtration technologies as their other ones.

Shower Water Filters

The company is also very well known for their shower water filters. These exceptional filtration systems do a great job at removing more than 90% of the chlorine that is present in typical shower water. This filtration is necessary because your skin is not capable of preventing all of this toxin and others from entering your body. Daily exposure to these toxins can have considerable harmful effects, especially after many years has passed. In many ways, showering in clean water is just as important as the water that you drink.

Whole House Water Filters

Whole house water filters is another filtration system that Aquasana specializes in. These systems can be seen as a holistic approach to treating the water that is supplied to your home. Health conscious individuals recognize the importance of having good drinking water, showering water, cleaning water, and cooking water. With Aquasana’s whole house systems, you will have very healthy water delivered throughout your home. While these systems are definitely a bit pricier than the company’s other ones, they can be considered well worth the price for a large family that relies on a good amount of clean water for everyday use.

Cost Effective Value

As previously mentioned, Aquasana has won plenty of industry awards. Most notably, they earned the “Best Buy” award from Consumer’s Digest six years in a row.Not only are they known for their quality filters, but they also allow you to filter your water for an exceptionally low cost. For less than ten cents per gallon, you can have all of the drinking water that you need. To save you even more money, you can save 20% through the links in this site. All orders also will qualify for free shipping. If you would like even more reasons to choose this brand, go to the aquasana coupon page to learn more about a great discount.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to go with Aquasana for your water filter needs. If you need more information about any specific filter that the company sells, please check out the individual pages that are devoted to all of the company’s filters on my site.