There are plenty of reasons why many people think of Aquasana when they want to buy the best water filter.

It is all based on the company developing the highest quality filters for a very reasonable price. Their waters filters were designed not just to meet industry standards, but to exceed them at almost every level.

The following key points will highlight the company’s achievements and other reasons why they are considered the best there is…

Consumer’s Digest Awards

  • Aquasana has won the “Best Buy” award from Consumer’s Digest six years in a row! This is a very strong track record and vote of confidence from consumers that have done their homework on deciding which is the best water filter.

  • Consumer’s Digest has a long history of providing awareness of the best brands to choose from.

  • Knowing that such a reputable source has given this filter a continued high rating will save you time that you would have spent looking into even more filter brands.

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  • Use this extra time to get other things done for yourself and your family.


  • The company has received numerous certifications from organizations like the National Sanitation Foundation and the California Department of Health.

  • These are third-party organizations that are dedicated in providing the most accurate and trustworthy information for consumers.

  • You can rest assured that you will be benefiting from water filters that have not only passed, but far exceeded the standards of these organizations.

  • Again, this further supports the fact that Aquasana is the best water filter available.

Best Quality

  • Tests showed that Aquasana water filter systems removed the highest amount of lead compared to any other brand. Aquasana also proved to be more effective
    at removing chlorine, synthetic chemicals, and bacteria than other filters.

  • This ability to filter your water at such a high level will provide you with water that is extremely pure.

  • Pure water is absolutely essential in order to achieve the best health possible.

  • Drinking water that is exceptionally pure will reduce the chances of illnesses.

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  • Knowing that you are keeping yourself and your family healthier by providing them with pure water is something that you can not put a price on.

Low Cost

  • Aquasana keeps the cost of their filters low by not using a middle man. This allows them to offer great factory direct prices.

  • In this way, the company offers you this savings by allowing you to purchase filters directly
    from their official website.

  • This helps them offer filters that provide pure water for less than 10 cents per gallon.

  • You will definitely notice the savings add up. Use this money for other
    important things for you and yours.


  • The company also makes their products very easy to install.

  • You do not need a “handyman” to install these filters (I’m not one and it was easy for me).
    Even if you do not consider yourself a do-it-yourself type, the installation instructions
    were easy to follow and it does not take long to finish the job.

  • This will save you time and money because you will not need to pay a professional
    or ask someone you know to help you install the filter.

  • There is also a program that they offer to have replacement cartridges
    automatically shipped when they are needed.

  • This program will prevent the need for you to add another item to your calendar or to-do list.

  • countertop water filtration

  • Use this extra time saved to get more important things done.

Great Warranty

  • All Aquasana units come with a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee.

  • This great guarantee takes all of the risk out of this purchase.

  • You can feel confident in buying their water filters knowing that if you are not completely satisfied, they will return your money.

Considering this information it is clear that Aquasana is the best water filter on the market.

Here is another example of the company’s superior position in the industry in a quote from
the company’s president – “With over 15 years in the industry, 17 patents and over 9 million
products sold, we are very confident that Aquasana represents the absolute best value anywhere

The company also sells great shower filters. These are very important as well because, as they state;
“…more than double the levels of chlorine and other synthetic chemicals (SOCs/VOCs) enter our body through skin absorption and inhalation of steam while showering than from drinking water…”

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