Discover the many ways that a home water filter is the best way
to get pure water.

We know that our tap water is not pure enough.

We also know that bottled water does not provide a guarantee of pure water,
is unjustifiably expensive, and is bad for the environment.

Home water filtration systems are the solution. These filters are easy to self install.
Units can either be placed on the countertop or underneath the sink to save space.

tap water filter system

The only maintenance that is required is a periodic changing of the filter. Replacing the filter is easy and most quality units do not require frequent filter replacement.

The most important benefit of home water filtration systems
is that they provide a high level of water purity. A quality unit will filter a very high percentage of impurities from your tap water.

Drinking pure water is one of the most important things you can do to maintain good health. With the growing number of toxins that are being found in water supplies, drinking unfiltered water is no longer a safe option. Drinking pure water will improve your health and it will considerably reduce the risk of sickness and disease.

Convenience is another great benefit of a home water filter. There are many people who go to their supermarkets, convenience stores, orspecialty water stores to get their water. These frequent and often burdensome trips do not need to be taken once it is realized that the potential for pure water can be found right at home.

Another important consumer benefit relates to expense. You can obtain filtered water at home for less than ten cents per gallon. Popular brands of bottled water can be sold for close to two dollars per liter, which is about eight dollars per gallon. In this example, the store bought water is eighty times more expensive than home filtered water! Since bottled water is not even guaranteed to be pure, it really makes no sense to consider this source of water.

Those who enjoy home filtered water can also feel good about helping the environment. No longer is there a need to buy bottled water that often does not get recycled. Unfortunately, a really high percentage of these bottles end up in land fills. By filtering water at home, you have easy options for water storage. Although glass is recommended, there are also durable plastic containers that do not leach into the water. These strong containers are meant for multiple uses over extended periods of time.

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