It is no secret that there are water contaminants that can be found in our drinking water.

What may not be widely known is that they pose a significant threat to our health.

Local and national agencies have taken steps to provide adequate treatment of public drinking water. They claim that this makes the water in most American cities safe enough for mass consumption. However, would you really want to take or continue to take this risk, especially considering how important water is for your health?

The dangers of our tap water and publicly available water is that there are still water contaminants and potential threats that can have an effect on our health. In fact, there are a large number of dangerous man-made chemicals that end up in our water supplies.

Our tap and public water is not treated to filter out enough of these harmful chemicals. The primary treatment method that is used is chlorine to kill the bacteria in the water, which adds yet another chemical to the already toxic water. Fluoride has also been added to promote dental health. Recent studies have shown that this is not a safe additive either.

A good example of the severity of this situation was documented by the Water Quality Association. “Low levels of certain man-made chemicals remain in public water supplies after being treated in selected community water facilities”…..“about 130 of the man-made chemicals were detected in streams and rivers before treatment”…”nearly two-thirds of those chemicals were also detected after treatment.”

Another notable citation is courtesy of the Ralph Nader Research Group – “E.P.A. reports show that U.S. water supplies contain over 2100 cancer causing chemicals…”.

The way that these chemicals affect our health is that they are a large challenge to our immune systems. These unnatural substances are essentially poisons. Our bodies do a remarkable job at flushing out toxins that can accumulate from many different sources. The last thing our bodies need is to deal with highly unnatural and additional man-made toxins. This can put great strains on our immune systems to the point where they break down or they are not able to rid the body of these dangerous chemicals effectively.

The end result of this bodily interaction with these toxins is disease. There is no question that the presence of these chemicals in people can be linked to many diseases, including cancer. One of the many ways that our bodies use water is to purify itself. This becomes very difficult when the water itself is not pure.

Some of the primary water contaminants include;

  • Lead – This metal that is used to line the piping in our homes
    can also end up in our water. Older homes pose an even greater risk of lead poisoned water.
  • Chlorine – The main chemical that is used to disinfect water.
  • Asbestos – Which can find its way into a water supply naturally, and it has also been used as pipe lining (before its dangerous effects were known). This is a carcinogen that is known to cause many different illnesses.
  • Cysts – Or oocysts, are protozoan parasites. Cryptosporidian and Giardia are the common ones. These parasites have been known to cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal cramps, and even death for people with weakened immune systems. They take on their cyst-like form when exposed to chlorine to become resistant to the chemical.
  • THMs – is a chemical produced when chlorine is added to disinfect water for drinking.
  • VOCs – is short for volatile organic compound. This is another by-product of the chloride that is added to our water supply.
  • Lindane – another chemical that has been used in water treatment.
  • Alachlor – used as an herbicide, this chemical has found its way to groundwater supplies.
  • Atrazine – a pesticide also found to contaminate groundwater.
  • Benzene – a highly toxic chemical and known carcinogen.
  • TCE – Trichloroethylene – a clear liquid, mainly used as an industrial solvent and a common contaminant of groundwater.
  • MTBE – another volatile, colorless liquid that has been found in groundwater.

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